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All members, please only bring cars on site if you have a telescope to unload, make sure car is facing the road and use the grass car park to enter and leave.

Please keep torches facing the ground always, where possible please use red torches, and only use headlamps with red lights.

Please face computer screens towards Sidmouth and away from others, use red screens and black covers to save on light pollution. Plastic boxes will assist with this also.

Please DONOT use green lasers on site unless it is as part of the observers section and when aiming west be careful of imagers. Check for planes/helicopters and always point upwards.

The police are now on the lookout for laser use and being an observatory will not provide a suitable excuse in court.

Please keep the main lecture room doors closed once dark and use side entrances. Also make sure all blinds are overs windows and turn toilet lights off after use.

Remebering also that soon the lights in Sidmouth and surrounding towns will be off from 12.30pm giving us more dark skies.

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