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need a bit of help and advice again sorry as regards what is the best software to use for the bresser planetary and deep sky hd camera.

need a bit of help and advice again sorry as regards what is the best software to use for the bresser planetary and deep sky hd camera.

Mon Nov 18, 2019 1:33 pm

just wondering the bresser planetary and deep sky hd camera I have when I use it tonight at wembury on the outskirts of Plymouth can I just put the camera straight in to the eyepiece run which ever programme either sky cap or the other one that belongs to bresser but what I am wondering is with the temperatures as they are would it be a

good idea to run the dew strap on the telescope while the camera is inside the eyepiece working?

I do need to do a polar alignment aswell with the camera inside the eyepiece?

or just rely on the polar alignment from setting up and running the synscan wifi dongle?

the software would it be best to use bresser software to run the camera on for video and photos or use sky cap ?
the other thing is when I use my mount it is pointing north if I keep the weights and the rod pointing north up say for example wembury church then the only part I have to move is the right ascension and leave declination where it is to prevent the telescope pointing downwards.

I hope this make sense if not then I can try to explain it better so it is clearer.

thank you

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  • Samantha Hawke
    Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:18 pm

    Thanks Steve no problems for late reply i know you are busy.

    I recently went onto star gazers lounge found out about the gain for sharpcap if i was to use it meaning even has to be by sounds of it the same if were to use bresser basically the gain is though adjusting volume so more light let in the better and less light to showing it all dark is not a good idea.

    But the other thing with gain when i watched a youtube video about it is basically trying to balance out the red, blue, green and white so one colour within the spectrum of using the histogram they all balance out correctly instead of one being more dominant that the other.

    I will use the polar scope to try line polaris up and if i use my neighbour across the road light to highlight it brightly as it is so bright and the light bounces from the houses off the window into the polar scope then i do not have to worry about using a head torch or something and find polaris with no problems hopefully.

    I was told about sharpcap as regards polar alignment how to use it by running a laptop and the camera together or something but i will see if can find a youtube video have a look for it.

    As regards dew i got a dew astro strap where it just wraps around the telescope and not like a proper dew shield to go over the top help protect it when i use.

    I hope when this horrible weather down here decides to get lost i will be able get outside muck around with both the telescopes even try start imaging also and even use the solar telescope try some imaging that way.

  • deepskysteve
    Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:26 pm

    Hi Sam sorry for late reply but you don't need the camera in to polar align if you are just doing it the normal way looking through polar scope. Dew tape should be on your scopes whenever possible to stop the dew we get in winter etc

    The dongle doesn't give you polar alignment you need to do it through polar scope

    You can use any one of the software whichever is best for you really hope this helps

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