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I need a bit of help and advice please on for a couple of things

I need a bit of help and advice please on for a couple of things

Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:56 am

I am looking into getting a camera for linking up to both the solar telescope and my 6inch newtonian reflector and wondering what is the best camera to use a planetary camera which does planets and the sun but also deep sky objects that can get galaxies and nebulas together.

I am also researching before deciding what is best and how to go about it whether to get something for example an altair astro camera on a small budget etc also the cables along with for the newtonian reflector if i need to use only two weights as it is a goto mount or i need to get another weight bought because of the extra weight and in case the eq3 cannot handle only just two weights etc.

The solar telescope if i can mount the camera to the eyepiece and also is there a way to hold the connection between the power supply to the side of the solar telescope?

If i attached to my newtonian reflector the camera i get do i need to do the thing i hate most collimate it again along with getting a mask underneath the mirror to block any excess light out?

The other thing are planetary cameras under the cmos or ccd cameras which is the best one to go for and will i need a filter wheel with filters for using the camera on both the solar telescope even though it has a red filter (hydrogen) is it ok to use without a filter wheel, also when comes to using the newtonian reflector to use not only filter wheel but have a guide camera or something that can be mounted on etc?

I hope this makes sense if not then sorry i will try to explain it better i do have a problem such as learning disability some people i know find it hard to not only understand what i am saying but also what i type down aswell so apologies in advance.

Thanks for any help and advice can give me

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  • Samantha Hawke
    Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:31 pm

    Thank you Steve

    i will have a look at the bresser camera and others as regards the cameras i take it they still need no matter which one i go for has to have a filter wheel with the filters inside to take deep sky photos like nebulas, galaxies and even planets like mercury, venus etc need to use i take it the planet filters or do i need to use deep sky filters which could do the two jobs together ?

    Meaning if use a specialized deep sky filter they can also take photos of the planets instead of swapping filters over.

    Is there any chance can recommend any good colour filters for deep sky for galaxies, nebulas and planets ?

    I know it is all about researching and finding a good camera which can pack a lot of punch by doing everything as one job instead of buying constantly different little cameras and filters for different jobs wasting money at the same time instead of trying to save it then again everything is all trial and error with these types of hobbies.

  • deepskysteve
    Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:02 pm

    Hi Sam, For solar a mono camera is best as the colour cams dont have the sensitivity, you may be able to find a CCD DMK camera on astro buy and sell these are CCD not CMOS most modern planetary cams are CMOS a perfect CMOS camera would be the Celestron Neximage 5 camera not sure of price. .

    I would google solar and planetary cameras see hat people are using from experience mono has been better as you add false colour to the image in processing .

    If you have the budget this looks interesting in link.


    Unless anyone else on here has any ideas?

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