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Wednesday 15th

Wednesday 15th

Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:42 pm

Well, Monday and Tuesday were clouded out but at least I sorted out the interface between Starry Night and the CG5 so not a total loss.
Tonight I have set up on the balcony, nice hard surface, and aligned several times to get it as accurate as possible, still a little drift but ok for 20 second subs, doing some 30 second subs now and will see how they go.
Got Uranus capture I think but think focus was way out, will check out the images and see if there is any data there at all.
The subs i am now doing is M33 the Pinwheel Galaxy, wow this is big, it is filling my screen just hope I can get at least a little detail with such short subs. I did get some data from short subs of Andromeda on Saturday so hopefully this will turn out ok too.
Apart from slight drift the mount seems steady so hopefully the mount won't need an upgrade for a while ( I see an Xmas list with an eq6 on it!)
Will upload pics later if they have any data in them.


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