#1 URANUS 11-9-2010 by deepskysteve 12.09.2010 16:53


While setting up the telescope to image jupiter I was observing Uranus to the bottom of Jupiter, it had a nice disk and a distinct blue-green colour, Katy the new member also observed this through my scope.


#2 RE: URANUS 11-9-2010 by revandBellman 12.09.2010 17:01


Very ngood, this is your first browny point for the September target list.

#3 RE: URANUS 11-9-2010 by kt609x 19.09.2010 20:34

whats a september target list kate??

#4 RE: URANUS 11-9-2010 by Dave 19.09.2010 20:40


Hi Katy

Look at the home page of the forum, third topic down should tell you the targets for this month.
(detention if you dont try :o) )


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