#1 Pre Astrofair by Katen 26.07.2015 09:56

Just to let you know that Bill has heard from the marquee people and they will be delivering and putting up the large marquee Thursday afternoon.

There will still be other things to do and tents to put up on Thursday but more to do Tursday afternoon / evening once they have been and Friday to get organised. :-)


#2 RE: Pre Astrofair by Dave 26.07.2015 12:42


That will mean that the large marquees of ours cannot be assembled until thursday evening, so the observers etc.. need to be made aware so that they arrive to assemble their tents (not many of them visit this forum so maybe a message in yahoo forum would help)

#3 RE: Pre Astrofair by Katen 26.07.2015 14:01

Indeed Dave or even Friday morning! Very few observers use the yahoo group anyway but I will be talking to the people who come up to help from the Observers this Friday evening.

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