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Constellation - Herculaes
Moon - Sea of Tranquility -
Cater Taruntius
Crater Makelyne
Crater Plinius
Rupus Cauchy
Disturbance around Crater Carrel
Crater Aldrin, Collins and Armstrong near Crater Sabine
Deep Space - M 13 , M 92, NGC 6210, NGC 6229, Abell 39
Double Stars -
Gamma Virginis near Saturn
Alpha Herculis is a visual binary with a very long period, something like 3600 years.
Zeta Herculis is a rapid binary with colour contrast, a yellow primary and red companion with a period of 34.45 years
Kappa Herculis is an easily resolved binary:
Rho Herculis: two white stars which make a lovely double.
95 Herculis is a very attractive double with contrasting colours, often described as gold and silver
99 Herculis is a very close rapid binary:
100 Herculis is another gorgeous binary of two equal white stars easily resolved.
Struve 2319.

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